Gilead Games is a game development company presenting challenging and fun-to-play strategy games for adults and children. Gilead Game’s first product, Candle Quest  is a lively, easy-to-learn Euro strategy game with a Hanukkah Menorah theme and colorful, friendly candles, enjoyable for adults and children, with high replayability.

Yehuda Berlinger founded and runs the Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club. He founded and wrote for two top board game sites: the Purple Pawn game industry website, which grew to 80,000 monthly readers under his stewardship, and his own site Yehuda, which was recommended by the Wall Street Journal’s Blog Watch column. Yehuda’s game It’s Alive!, originally published by Reiver Games, has been republished as Candle Quest, with its original pre-publication Menorah Game theme, and as Frankenstein by Invedars. Yehuda has designed and run several massive multiplayer convention-wide social strategy games. His writings include dozens of well-respected game variants and strategy articles and hundreds of widely-cited articles on gamification, game ethics, industry, philosophy, technology, and humor, and he reviews games and offers game design and market consultation. Yehuda was one of The Dice Tower’s five nominees for Best New Designer of 2007. Yehuda majored in Math at Cornell.

Bill Burdick is a chief software architect and RPG game designer. He is finalizing Death of the Vele, a collaborative role playing game with the feel of a traditional RPG – you play a PC and a set of NPCs and you’re invested in them because, even though the game is collaborative, those characters are yours; no one else gets to control them. Death of the Vele has a backstory within which the players choose the setting/genre, and it supports campaign-length stories. The game was play tested at bgg.con’s Proto Alley and Gencon First Exposure. Bill’s game design strengths are in game pieces/numbers/stats balancing, game mechanics and rules, stories, and game settings. Bill majored in computer science at Purdue University.

Shirley Burdick is an IT consultant and senior software engineer. Shirley enjoys Eurogames and has attended GenCon and BGG.con. Shirley created and ran four live action two-day simulation adventure games for 60 participants to teach Judeo-Christian principles. Shirley’s game design strengths are in story telling, flow control, game mechanics, game settings, and how to pull players in and entertain them and dazzle them. Shirley majored in computer science at Purdue University.

Nadine Wildmann is a senior level international marketing professional with experience at AAAA advertising agencies, high tech start-ups and non-profit organizations in the U.S. and Israel. Her strengths include creative development, project management and branding. Nadine co-manages the Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club weekly meetings, national board game days, and the session report blog. Nadine majored in Advertising and Marketing at the Thunderbird School of Global Management, and Mass Communications at UCLA.